The ninja blender is a new generation blender which is available in the market. This blender comes with various  advance features  which gives amazing results. It is blender based on modern technology. Its comes with various advance features.


Ninja Blender features:

  • Power rating: These blender have advance motor system with a power of 1000w. They provide wide variety of speed with its3 speeds and a pulse feature.
  • Powerful blades: with the Total crushing feature blades can crush fruits, vegetables and ice within seconds.
  • Warranty period.: Ninja blender has 90 days warranty period.
  • Dishwasher friendly: Accessories as well attachments are dishwasher safe, hence easy to clean.
  • User friendly: The parts of these blenders are BPA free and hence their organisation is very easy.

Advantages of ninja blender

Beside being user friendly , fast, easy to use ninja blenders have various advantages. Some of the major advantages are as follow:

  • With high power rating, these blenders are very powerful as a result help in achieving desired result with in no time. The blender wont start if the lid is not properly placed. This makes blender quite reliable.
  • Volume of smoothies made in these blenders is quite high as pitcher is 72ouce and has pour spout.
  • It is blender which it is made keeping in mind all the requirements of the user. It is powerful, strong blender with a good sized-pitcher.
  • This blender is lightweight hence easy to use.


Disadvantages :

Nothing is perfect in this world. Ninja Blender have some disadvantages also.

  • Blades of the bender are very sharp and hence heed to be handled carefully
  • Because of strong motor , machine is quite noisy.



Ninja Blender is value for money. It is lightweight, user friendly and a very powerful machine.